Friday, July 22, 2011

Who can run with the big dog?

Well, by now unless you reside under a small rock at the bottom of the ocean you are aware that our hero, Ron Paul is once again committed to waging the good, big fight for the perhaps once again constitutional office of the Presidency of the United States.

With the record breaking home run knocked out of the park(at 75 years old,) is there any doubt that the good Lord is with him? He is the personification of the proverbial "idea who'se time has come."

America is finally catching on to the stature and wisdom of this great statesman. With the advent of the internet and sites like you-tube it has become clear that the things everyday Americans find critically important are coincidentally the very things Ron Paul zeros in on as a matter of his daily to-do list.

So, the question becomes, Who can this wonder of constitutionality select as a running mate, whom is worthy of the responsibility adeemed of the person who is a heartbeat away from the leadership of this great country?

I'm sure all of us loyal Ron Paul supporters can bandy about at least a couple of names as our suggestions.

Unfortunately many of these have built-in, shall we say, disadvantages, in terms of baggage they will bring with their presence, and will be shot down with ease by fortune's outrageous slings and arrows, becoming liabilities.

I however, after careful consideration of the options being proffered by the usual suspects have happened upon my own solution to the quandry, albeit one that would require some, ahhh, adjustments perhaps as far as party affiliations may be concerned. This man is one of the most intelligent and knowlegeable former presidential candidates I have ever heard speak and is unquestionably loyal to the constitution insofar as I have been able to ascertain. I invite any interested parties to access this patriot's blog at


I can give dozens of reasons why a Paul-Keyes ticket would be unstoppable, but perhaps one of the most cogent would be that Alan Keyes is not a carreer politician, but a statesman who would continue the policies endorsed by the electorate should he be required to fill the shoes of our "Refounder."

Of course, the fact that he is a Black anti-abortion, conservative constitutionalist would go a long way toward dispelling the canard that Dr. Paul is somehow biased toward any particular racial type, not to mention the fact that potential voters of all racial persuasions would be delighted to witness the advancement of any man based on the content of his character rather than the color of his skin, to paraphrase.

Perhaps someone out there in the ether can prove to me why I am wrong about my suggestion, but until that happens I will continue to urge Dr. Paul, if he's listening to consider drafting this man as an invaluable asset to his campaign.

Thank you for your consideration.-Marsupial out

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Union Jack

To any patriots who aren't deterred by reading lengthy treatises: would you please give this a read and post your opinions? The book, published in 1970 took me aback because, due to its content, I assumed that it was possibly a year or two old, until it referred to 6 cent postage!

The name of the book is "The Union Jack" and can be read at

The Union Jack (Adobe Reader).pdf (application/pdf Object)

Thanx- Marsupial

Hone That Hatchet!

By marsupial | April 3, 2010

I’ve finally decided to put keyboard to screen and try to elucidate the Ideas that’ve been bouncing around in my head (without much in there to impede their motion, I might add.)

I believe it was Thoreau who said “for a thousand striking at the branches there is one striking the root.”

With all the studying and researching many of us have been doing, perhaps others may have arrived at some of the same solutions that I am going to at long last suggest. I am well aware that some of my ideas may sound absurd, but if one reflects, with an open mind, on these suggestions, you too may find some merit in them.

And so, without further preamble, here we go:

First, deport any person who has accepted the British title of Esquire-i.e. All attorneys and/or judges who are bar members. No exceptions. Regardless of intention these people have sworn fealty to a foreign potentate and are therefore ineligible for citizenship. Also any who claim dual citizenship must leave. The aristocratic “legal” class has since our founding participated in an infallible scheme against the interests of our country, manipulating their patented version of what passes for law in order to eat out our substance. There was an ammendment ratified by numerous states along these lines in 1811, which resulted in British armies burning our White House in 1812. These tories have for 2 1/2 centuries ridden our necks until we have arrived at the state in which we now find ourselves. To wit: A corporation, a legal fiction, has been bestowed by its creators, the same unalienable rights our God has bestowed upon us. This is only one of a practically innumerable list of absurdities which have been foisted upon us by the agents of the monarch across the pond. I say no more.

To be fair, there are those American Patriots who have held their nose and applied to the bar in order to fight within the system(Judge Napolitano being a good example) so after a period of five years, these may apply for re-entry into ellis island on condition that they publicly renounce all association with any other government and societies. Also they must swear to never resume their former practices, and only support and resort to the common law and the Constitution and bill of rights which will reign supreme as the law of the land. As for the rest of the scoundrels, They must leave with the shirts on their backs and nothing else of the swag of their criminal enterprises.They’ve lived high on the hog for long enough on the monopoly they’ve all signed on for. Their assets, corporate as well as personal will become additions to the U.S. treasury. Efforts must be made to recover our substance which they’ve shipped off to offshore accounts.

For too long these fixers and mechanics in the employ of the bank of England have skimmed the lifeblood of our republic, while devising ever more intricate schemes to destroy our spirit of freedom and liberty.

Next, any copyrights on legal discourse must be declared null and void. Why should a foreign ruler hold the patent rights on every nut and bolt of a legal system that is obviously designed against the American people?

How, you may ask, will we be able to maintain order without the legal system? Well, there are many intelligent people who have studied law(students, paralegals and ordinary citizens for example) and will be capable of modifying their understandings to be able to practice common law advisement. Also any existing law deemed to be conducive to the republican principle can be retained as part of our legal code.

I hear there’s a group of folks in Fairbanks AK. who are having some success with an alternative legal system which may be worth looking into. In any case, our republic is quite capable of running a legal system which works to the benefit of the individual and our republic, without ol’ queenie holding our hand.

Of course, the big shots will not relinquish their stranglehold willingly, there will have to be a major, shall we say, paradigm shift before this solution wil be able to be implemented. The silver lining may be that truly patriotic attorneys will rejoice at the wisdom of the implementation of such a solution, despite the loss of their citizenship. They will willingly pay the price for their “deal with the devil,” then after five years gladly rejoin our grand experiment.

There will be a lot of re-education involved for Joe citizen as we go through undoing all the mayhem these parasites have wrought, but hey, it’ll be good for him to be confronted with the nescessity of tending to his own knitting, The absence of which has contributed mightily to our present state.

Well, that in a nutshell, is pretty much my idea for a solution to this mess. When you think about it, it’s beautiful in its simplicity. I mean, how will the crooks who’ve been riding herd over us all this time be able to jam down yet another oppressive policy without their henchmen writing it all up for them? And don’t forget, 2/3 of our congress is what? LAWYERS. Of course, through all their chicanery, they’re the only ones who can afford to run a campaign in this country.

So maybe keep this idea somewhere in the back of your mind, and who knows, a good chance to implement it may just present itself sooner than you think. Thanx for your attention.